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Sybian Rides 4 Ca$h - Puma SwedePuma worked in computer sales until she was approached by a photographer who suggested modeling.

In 2001, she began modeling in solo softcore photo shoots.

In 2003, after relocating to Torrance, California, she began her hardcore career and changed her name to Puma Swede. She has a reputation as a very easy-going actress, who gets along with everyone on the set, and performs in both solo, straight, lesbian and group hardcore scenes.

She is currently dating Jack Schwartz, the Attorney for Native American rights in the northwest.



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So my name is Puma Swede and for those who doesn’t know it the Swede-part comes from that I’m born and raised in Sweden. But I’ll tell you a secret, I’m actually Finnish 😉 My first name Puma I got from my car I had in Sweden, a Ford Puma. A cute little thing and I loved that car so I decided to name myself Puma. So there is the name part for you.

2008 AVN Interview - Puma Swede I grew up and where a real nerd. (I still am, heheee) I was not the cool chick in school, but tthe loudest one though. After school I went to the stable everyday and people used to say to me that I’ll one day maryy a horse 🙂 Guess how chocked they are today when they all found out what I do, kind of funny.

I had my first boyfriend when I turned 18th. When I was about 23 I did my boobs bigger and discovered this whole thing about having onenight stands. Damn, I think in I slept with half the people in Stocholm during that time. That’s when I relised that I have to change countries to get new men (and women) to fuck, hahaaa…

Before I came over to the US I used to work with computer sales. I was really good and I bet I could sell you about anything 🙂 A funny story is from when I worked for Fujitsu Siemens and I had this guy that I worked with and we would go to the bathroom and fuck almost every day. Finally our boss found out and fired us, hahaaa.

When I first came to the US I did Glamour Modeling. I then started my website and started doing spreads, dildos and then girls. And then I just couldn’t resist Freshly back from the 2007 AVN Awards, we're offering up some great FREE interviews from some of the industry's biggest stars! Puma Swede talks about her new venture in boy/girl porn, rough sex (hair pulling, spitting), her anticipation of doing anal scenes, things to look out for and much, much more! Enjoy!you guys anymore 😉 I enjoy the whole part of people watching me having sex. That’s why doing Live Camshows is one of my favorite things. When it comes to sex in my personal life I love to experiment – Role playing, swinging with other couples and playing dead, one of my specialties hahaaaa.

When not filming or feature dancing I try to drag my ass to go workout, but that doesn’t happen to often unfortunately. Me and my friends often go for dinners and some clubbing every now and then. I love going to the movies and of course shopping is a favorite.

Well, that was a little bit about me. Like we say in Sweden – Hej hopp, gummi Snopp 🙂

BIO: Puma Swede

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Puma Swede, Puma, JohannaAliases: Puma Swede, Puma, Johanna, Johanna from Sweden
Real name: Johanna Jussinniemi
Born: September 13, 1976
Ethnicity: European
Gender: Female
Measurements: 32F-25-35
Height: 5’10”
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Turn Ons: Rough sex, anal sex, threesomes
Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden